Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Nails

How to get Semi-Permanent Nails?

Are you a fashionista, would you love to have Semi-permanent nails!  To attain semi-permanent nails, the user needs to apply the products of Similac that form a particular type of enamel on the nail, with a gel base. The most important thing about these products is when using them to get gel nails, to dry these enamel coated nails the user should have a UV lamp which helps to increase their durability. Try this Bases semipermanentes for semi-permanent enameling which is the most important product that is must to use when going for a manicure. If you wish to own your own semi-permanent product, then visit the site of https://semilac.es/es to book your order as they are offering free shipping from € 59 and will deliver your product on the same day if scheduled before 4pm. If you didn’t like the product or need to exchange then avail the chance to get a refund in 15 days of purchasing.

Why are these Bases and Tops so important?

Base stands to be the essential product of semi-permanent enameling that is essential in the procedure of manicure. Durability and good adhesion are the two critical factors thatare responsible for the process ofa manicure. It is not visible to the naked eye,and one needs to view using a magnifying glass. It is advisable to choose the most appropriate base that is full of vitamins; self-leveling and universally accepted.This nail plate is 100% guaranteed first-class semi-permanent glaze product that looks natural in color.

Here is the list of varieties of bases and tops of Similac which are different from one another. Choose your kind of your support that suits your nails and with your clients as well:

  1. Similac Universal Base: It suits for all types of nail plates.
  1. Similac Vitamin Base: It contains both vitamin E and B5.
  1. Similac Base / Top 2in1 product: It allows the user to save space if they find it difficult while going with trips and need to change while performing manicures. Any base or top should be used separately to give your nail a professional look.

Steps to be followed while applying Base and Tops:

The first step of manicure is preparing your nails; remove the cuticleson your pin, push them and using a file give your nail a desired shape. Then usea polishing pad and Nail Cleaner. Your manicure is complete only when you apply a fragile layer of the base on top of your nail without touching the cuticle, next seal the edge part that is free of the nail and dries it using a lamp.

Constructores semipermanentesHence your nails first got semi-permanent glazing that is easy to use and follow. Now comes the second most important product to be considered in semi-permanent enameling, it includes the addition of perfect shine to your nails or gives them a perfect matte finish, which alsoprotects the color layer from any scratch, damage or splashes.Finally, when your nail enamel is dried using a lamp, clean the sticky layer using a Nail Cleaner Liquid. Continue this manicure process that includes bases and tops!


To keep your nails look beautiful, attractive and durable, it is advisable to undergo the process of manicure that includes the application of bases and tops. Once experienced with manicure don’t forget to apply cuticle oils. Now let your cuticle hydrate otherwise your enameling will be impeccable!